Asiatelco Technologies Co. (ATEL) is a leading provider of wireless terminal products to its valued customers base worldwide. Its innovative products and solutions are widely used for reliable wireless broadband access, IoT/M2M applications and voice communication with 5G/4G/3G/2G and other wireless technologies.

ATEL’s sales and marketing are globally positioned. It has become a company which is well-known globally in the wireless industry due to its excellent products, solutions and services. In addition to its wireless terminal products, ATEL also provides products and solutions based on Android for Smart Home/Appliances, Smart IoT Applications, Security and Vehicle Safeties (such as DashCams, control panels, and more).

ATEL was established in 2003. Since its inception, ATEL has been growing steadily with its sales coverage in more than 50 countries. ATEL’s business model is JDM/ODM for serving wireless operators and branded customers. With 20 years accumulated experiences, ATEL has built a strong, effective and efficient team in R&D and manufacturing. Customers can always rely on ATEL team’s performance. Quality, Flexibility, On-Time Delivery & Lower Cost are key factors of success at ATEL and is key to customers’satisfaction.

ATEL-USA was established in 2017, with the headquarter offices in Newport Beach, California. We have invested in the industry’s top talent for hardware, software, marketing, quality and operations; this has allowed us to start the transition from a 3rd Party ODM to a full service OEM supplier of quality wireless products. Our products include hot spots, home phone connect, OBD, CPE, FWA,IoT, M2M Safety devices & Smart devices for the US market. A strong, effective and efficient R&D team, along with the manufacturing team, has positioned ATEL-USA to enter the OEM space.

What We Can Offer

Competitive Product Specs: Support white label and ATEL brand.

Factory flexibility: China, Poland, Vietnam, Indonesia.

Proven launch capabilities: Our Team has collectively shipped more than 100 million units.

Design, Hardware, Software expertise



Asiatelco established its ability to manufacture the products in Vietnam for customers around the world.


Asiatelco has moved to a new office building because of the rapid increase of trade at No.68 Huatuo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai.


Star-net acquires 65% equity of Asiatelco, and became the holding company of Asiatelco.

On Jun 21st, 2015, CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission) officially issued permission that Star-net bought Asiatelco successfully.On Jun 21st, 2015, CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission) officially approved that Star-net acquires 65% equity of bought Asiatelco. Star-net (Stock Code: 002396) was found in 1996 and successfully listed in Shenzhen stock exchange in 2010. It is a famous independent innovation benchmarking enterprise, which focus on Cloud Computing, Next Generation Network, Mobile Internet, Internet of Things and Smart Park. It is also a leading senior total solutions provider in China. After merging, based on strong platform of Starnet, Asiatelco will focus on international market to deploy sales network step by step.


Officially awarded as “Small giant cultivation enterprise” by the Gov.

Officially awarded as “Research and development institution” by science and Technology Committee of Pudong high tech Zone, Shanghai


Certified as “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise” by the Gov.


Asiatelco was founded in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.