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Our current available jobs are listed below.

Hardware Engineer

Job Location: Shanghai

1. Participate in baseband circuit design and debugging of hardware, work closely with software engineers, RF engineers, and structural engineers to complete the design and new product launch.

2. Responsible for one or more of the following circuits to meet and exceed system and circuit design targets: 

Charging circuit

Power management system

Switch circuit


3. Perform necessary digital simulation of the system or circuit involved to guide and assist the design and implementation of the actual hardware.

4. Complete and perfect circuit schematic diagram, generate BOM, finish simple PCB wiring.

5. Conduct systematic engineering scientific analysis of design and production process problems found in trial production, mass production and user feedback, put forward improvement Suggestions and supervise the implementation.

6. Keep track of the latest development of new technologies, new processes and new products.

7. Responsible for the summary and update of documents.

Software Engineer

Job Location: Shanghai

1. College degree or above, major in computer, telecommunication and related.

2. Familiar with C programming in Linux environment. Two years’ experience in similar positions.

3. Good programming habits, v.ersion management and software design documentation experience.

4. Familiar with TCP/IP and other network protocols, and familiar with the development of various router functions (DHCP, NAT, routing, DDNS, etc.)

5. Experience with (Wi-Fi/ Ethernet) router software development platform.

6. Experience in network application product development such as IPV6 is preferred.

7. Basic Linux driver development experience is preferred, such as I2C, SPI, UART, etc.

8. Work attitude requires seriousness, carefulness, high sense of responsibility and professionalism, good professionalism, strong hands-on ability, good communication skills and team spirit.

RF Engineer

Job Location: Shanghai

1. RF debugging, calibration and testing of wireless products.

2. Train and mentor junior engineers.

3. Selection and performance certification of RF components.

4. Support production and customer related issues.

5. Direct layo. engineer for layout and routing.

6. Work with antenna manufacturers to make the best antennas.

7. Work closely with other engineers in the department to ensure that the overall RF circuit design targets are achieved in a timely manner and meet reliability/consistency requirements.

8. Familiar with GSM/WCDMA/LTE, relevant debugging experience is preferred.